I am a Researcher


2015 - 2019

MIT Institute of Design


2 months

Nodes, Short Internship (Pune)

6 months

Echostream, Graduation Project (Gangtok)

7 months

Volunteering and more

It is my firm belief that environmentalism and socio-economic growth cannot exist without the other. I am determined to use Design as a tool for social and environmental upliftment. I am keen to explore and understand systems view of life keeping human at the center of the issues. 

SELCO Foundation, Research Fellowship (Bangalore)

Sadhana Forest

Short-term volunteer

I was helping hand to the lovely community for reforestation and water conservation-related tasks for about a month. Building bunds, planting trees in Semi-arid regions, cooking vegan food and more.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)


This was a twelve-day crash course about Permaculture, the alternative to age-old agriculture. Basic permaculture learnings about how one can design their own farm considering external factors was taught. People Share, Earth Care and Fair Share were the three ideal principles introduced.


Sustainable living course attendee

Understanding how sustainable architecture can preserve the biosystem within, as against to re-enforced concrete cement buildings.


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